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Who is Xena?

Xena is not just a wrestler, she is above all and for a long time a complete artist. At the same time model, actress, and even singer, we can no longer count her participation in various clips, advertisements, short films, television series, photographers' books, and even improv matches !

Xena photo model
Xena bodybuilding

An artist ? Not only that… Xena is also an athlete who has been sculpting her body for many years. If she was able to participate in one or another bodybuilding competition, many people were also able to appreciate her impressive strength by watching her arm wrestling videos on her YouTube channel, facing opponents with a disappointed face who did not could often only notice their weakness.

But Xena is also a person who hates routine, and is constantly looking for new challenges. This is what recently led her to take up wrestling... and in this activity too, her skills are already numerous and varied. Xena now shares this passion during private sessions, with those who are tempted by the desire to add a little spice to their lives, or by the desire to measure themselves against her.

Can't wait any longer and want to see what Xena has to offer ? Click below !

Xena wrestling private session
Xena video wrestler

The young woman has also shown her passion for wrestling by appearing in various videos made for different well-known productions, such as Antscha Productions, Doom Maidens Wrestling, Italian Female Wrestling or Protein Wrestling. Man or woman, inexperienced or experienced opponent, she has already been able to face opponents with a very varied profile during fierce and often hotly contested fights... and she is always ready to take on any challenge.

Xena isn't just in front of the camera. As a trained videographer, she has also recently produced her videos through her own company, Xena production. Private sessions, events organized in Portugal, fights in Brussels or Paris against the best wrestlers in Europe, and even further afield... With more than 100 videos, the catalog offered is impressive.

Xena video producer Xena production



Height: 5'8'' - 173 cm


Weight: 139 lbs - 63 kg


Dress size : 36 (eu)


Shoe size: 41 (eu)

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